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Comidafodida: oh sorry
Comidafodida: english chat .-.
areukiddingboi: só tem esse kajdks
areukiddingboi: oi
Comidafodida: katsuki
Comidafodida: oi
areukiddingboi: oi
Killerofyoubro: Anyone here
GeneralJon: this chat wasn't a very good idea
Tatsuki: it was
Tatsuki: a good idea
Tatsuki: think about when we have like...
Tatsuki: 10000 players
Tbjbu2: klol
Tbjbu2: at leasst we still have chat
Killerofyoubro: Ehh
Killerofyoubro: Bru u think chat here will be active?
Killerofyoubro: We are verse people be using verse... instead to stay here to chat
areukiddingboi: a
metalcupcake5: hmmmmm

The game is down for now. Maybe back in a few days or something
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