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Killerofyoubro: We want evolution
Tatsuki: if fishing will give rewards easily then fishing
Tatsuki: if not... then breeding
Killerofyoubro: Fishing is nuisance
Killerofyoubro: Breeding can be more preferable option over fishing
IISilentSinII: Breeding
Killerofyoubro: Why its so dead?
Killerofyoubro: TBJ push norpon more across platforms
Tbjbu2: sooon
GeneralJon: hmmmmm
GeneralJon: chat feels like it's at a really annoying spot
Tatsuki: tbj if you want more norpon players, you can advertise it in the daily newspaper in pokeverse
Killerofyoubro: It won't work much,
Killerofyoubro: Give norpon (good/active) players a unique role in Official server of pokeverse
Tatsuki: yeah, that way they'll get jealous/curious
Killerofyoubro: lel
IISilentSinII: Tbj isn't after more players right now
areukiddingboi: hi
Killerofyoubro: Literally ded
areukiddingboi: o


An endless adventure in an endless social world.

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Norpon is a free to play mmo browser game.

• Turn-based battle system.
• Discover, battle, tame, and breed unique and beautiful creatures.
• Build structures and upgrades for your island.
• Compete and battle others in order to control the best islands or have the best creatures.
• Global market to buy and sell your creatures, and a friends system so you can play together.
• In-depth progression and mechanics - easy to play, hard to master.
• Frequent updates, quick support, listening to the community.
• Play it anywhere - for free! Any device with internet will do.

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